5 high paying affiliate programs to join

In the cyberspace, affiliate marketing is perhaps the top way of minting money online. This multibillion dollar industry is still the best way to monetize your website or blog. If you are looking to venture into this extremely competitive field, its best to get yourself associated with the best and the highest paying program simply because the time and effort taken to promote a low value product with low returns is exactly the same for promoting a high value product with high returns. To facilitate your decision, we list below some of the highest paying affiliate programs –


Recently, winning the award for its consistent quality, longevity and experience, Maxbounty is a unique CPA network which provides excellent weekly payments for its plethora of ad campaigns along with a $1000 performance bonus to new affiliates. Bagging high ratio of votes in almost all categories, it looks way ahead in beating any competition by a wide margin..


It is an exclusive one-of-its kind affiliate one of its kinds cost –per action-based affiliate ad network. In contrast to other affiliate networks, it has its own custom-built software built from scratch, thus getting independent of unreliable hosted mechanics.


Despite being taken over by GlobalWide Media, the company is still going great guns. It is a data-driven digital marketing leader which provides premium media solutions to globally leading brands and agencies.


In its over a decade journey, the brand has taken perhaps the most innovative approach to affiliate marketing due to which it had successfully surpassed the industry standards set for CPA affiliate networks

Mundo Media

It is a Canadian network company showing exceptionally fast growth across several verticals using proprietary technology. It remains among the top performance-based marketing company and specializes in bridging of digital clients with hyper-targeted consumer acquisition solutions.




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Is email marketing still an effective strategy in 2015?

Due to lack of email list, it becomes quite hard to generate adequate amount of effect with other forms of online marketing. There is believe among people that email marketing is dead completely. People have been using social media to communicate with each other now. However, email marketing is an effective method as more and more experts are relying on it. More and more people are reading mails with marketing intent recently.

As a result, it is possible to come at a conclusion with email marketing. Through more focus on the strategy of email marketing, excellent consequence can be seen in the long run. Bu infusing following strategies, marketing efforts with emails can be improved further.

Creation of engaged list

Through simple email list, effective consequence cannot be obtained. It is necessary to create a list of engaged readers. Every possible data offered through the mail must be read by these readers in order to ensure optimum effect.

Due to hit of marketing mail, subscribers often unsubscribe certain site or community. Therefore, email marketing must be done with added caution and care. Engagement of the reader is considered greatest concern for the industry. It is better to target a reader that opens every mail in the list. From the size of list, success cannot be ensured in the process. As a result of engaged list, more amount of profit can be guaranteed.

Look for Purpose

Emails cannot be treated as the flier. Therefore, it is necessary to offer adequate amount of time for creation of message and dissemination through proper channel. Best practices must be included along with proper inspection of links. Perfect subject line must be created to generate effect. Selection of the readers must be deliberate. It is important to remember that email marketing is an effective process if sales of the products are enhanced in due course.

Methods of automation must be eliminated from email marketing. Bad impression can fall over the subscriber due to a poorly constructed mail without overview.

Eliminate uninterested readers

Proper treatment is necessary to engage readers. Good list is generally defined by the search engine in a complicated method to divide spam and genuine mails adequately. Through email bounce, decision can be taken on the subject. In case of bad ratings, sent mails can be eliminated by the search engine. Therefore, it is necessary to create a list of engaged reader.

Separate list of the reader can be made that does not read your mail. If the same condition is seen over a period of two months then it is better to eliminate them. Percentage of email bounce can be reduced in this way.


Through email marketing, proper information must be sent to right customer. Difficulty can be faced in order to reach audience in due course. Marketing effort can be improved with specific message. It is better not to send a message about men’s boot to women.

Email marketing is a powerful tool. However, it must be used effectively to achieve results.

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Regal Assets Affiliate Program

In US, Regal Assets is one of the most trusted and the largest gold bullion dealers which is a master of investments in gold for IRA and 401(K) retirement account investments. Not only have they procured an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau but they have also bagged a five star customer satisfaction rating from Trustlink. What is more exciting about it is that it offers people across the globe to earn awesome money by joining its Affiliate Program.

regal assets

Owing to its stellar reputation, superior service and streamlined process, the company is definitely one which attracts plentiful of customers. It takes just 2 days to rollover an IRA to gold and offers a seven day fastest delivery guarantee for all its gold purchases. Its product range is unmatched by any other dealer so far. Additionally, it pays out one of the highest commissions in any affiliate program in the market today.

Joining the ‘Regal Assets Affiliate Program’ is super easy and offers you numerous benefits like –

  • A totally free of cost personal affiliate website.
  • Numerous ways and excellent commission payouts to help you earn real big income.
  • Access to real time database of leads with their comments.
  • Rich content for your website in the form of texts, audios and videos.
  • A comprehensive instructional video with details about the program.
  • Full support and training provided directly through the company’s representatives.
  • An online support form.

Through the program, an affiliate can earn in numerous ways. Since the company is highly reputable and the fact that gold is becoming the safest investment haven amidst global turmoil, inflation, currency instability and other financial shocks, acquiring customers does not pose too much of an issue. Very popular as a retirement fund, it invites large investments and thus quite a fat commission for affiliates. It’s a win-win situation for all.

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Affiliate Marketing – A Good Online Revenue Source

While you blog or build content that you simply hope individuals will take on your site, to really earn money you will have to be supplying individuals with a choice to buy things out of your site. This may be courses, books or any other items or content you develop then sell or it may be items produced by organizations that you simply promote in your site. This latter group of marketing third party items is exactly what Let me concentrate on here – internet affiliate marketing.

You will find mainly two kinds of affiliate marketers to whom you’ll probably market items:

The very first are very well established companies with large pre-existing customer bases and complicated distribution channels and top affiliate marketing programs already in position. Here, you are able to undergo a elegant affiliate register process, provide your banking information for direct deposit features, obtain trackable website/blogsite ad banners and adds easily replicated and copied and pasted to your website(s), in most cases, good quality supporting marketing and video tutorials and/or ads that you could readily use in your affiliate promotions, etc.

Affiliate Marketing


The pros to accepting this kind of affiliate relationship?

  • It’s simple for you to apply and you do not have lots of additional try to do
  • Applying their items into your internet site is easy.
  • The companies you’re marketing are very known which will help to construct the rely upon the minds of potential purchasers thus making sales simpler to find
  • These companies will require proper care of all shopping cart software transactions, product distribution/shipping tasks, customer care questions, etc.
  • All you need to do is try to usher in the purchasers, next, you simply watch for your payment.
  • In literally just moments, you may be copying and pasting a large number of items to advertise in your website – you’ll be able to just start other activities.

The main problem with this kind of affiliate selling is your commission shares for that items are low. Frequently, you’re only getting into the five-10% selection of the merchandise cost like a commission. You’re in effect going for a trade-off on what you will earn like a merchant in return for the infrastructure and “customer trust” that was already designed for you. The likes of Amazon . com, Best To Buy, and E-Bay incidentally, are good examples of organizations within this group of internet affiliate marketing.

The 2nd kind of internet affiliate marketing you’d be doing is by using less established organizations, some might be also “Bleeding edge” kinds of items just beginning hitting industry. Here you can aquire much bigger rates from the sales amount like a commission. It’s not unusual for a few of these commission levels to go up to 50%. But you’ll have to work on making these sell. For instance:

  • You most likely will not be just choosing and picking advertisements and ad banners you are able to copy in your site and be confident that your customer activity is going to be correctly monitored through the parent. You might be needed to construct your personal product graphics and backlinks towards the parent site to accomplish the purchase.
  • In certain instance, you might want to place your own shopping cart software in position and make your personal system for that customer to have the ability to either download or receive his product – which might even mean you need to ship something to him/her.
  • You might be needed to supply some degree of Customer Care for that product yourself.
  • Their title will not be known and revered globally so you’ve additional upselling to complete including putting your title and brand behind the merchandise being an endorsement, relying on individuals to trust you to be able to obtain the purchase made.

affiliate maketing relationship

You will find many lucrative possibilities available within this second category though and a few good research from you will enable you to get inside a great place with a few of these items to ensure that you can generate some excellent money should you place the up- front operate in and are prepared to perform the try to correctly promote these items.

And you will find a variety of “third party product brokers” you are able to undergo to locate items without having a concept or perform the hard research to find third party companies yourself. The likes of “Click Bank”, “Cj . ComInch, “Avangate” and “JVZoo” are only a couple of brokers you are able to sign-track of to locate items you may be thinking about marketing. They’re proficient at demonstrating your potential profitability and building reference and rankings lists for you personally when you are researching what items you might like to promote.

And you will find a variety of “third party product brokers” you are able to undergo to locate items without having a concept or perform the hard research to find third party companies yourself. The likes of “Click Bank”, “Cj . ComInch, “Avangate” and “JVZoo” are only a couple of brokers you are able to sign-track of to locate items you may be thinking about marketing. They’re proficient at demonstrating your potential profitability and building reference and rankings lists for you personally when you are researching what items you might like to promote.

My undertake this? Affiliate sales are generally a necessary element of managing a lucrative internet business and causing you to a sustainable monthly earnings. It is indeed my experience that you’ll most likely end up marketing the items of both types of affiliate partners in your sites while you progress together with your business. So not overlook “Internet Affiliate Marketing” among your avenues of generating revenue out of your website(s) or blogsite(s) within the  long time. They’ll be a great revenue source for the business.

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